Handwritings      /created with Krzysztof Szalek/

In Western tradition cursive writing is often reduced to its solely useful function. Its aesthetic quality has been for centuries an exclusive interest of Chinese poets and painters, who have reached highest artistry in the art of ink and brush. At the heart of their aesthetic commitment Malgorzata Lempicka-Brian and Krzysztof Szalek show their association with that idea when they set the calligraphy done by artists pivotal to Eastern tradition free from its narrative meaning. Such an act of depriving writing of meaning enables the artists to explore it freely as a domain were it can be read as a gesture of an abstract beauty and as an expression of the author’s inner spirit.
Different paths of interpretation open up to the consciousness of the spectator since literary or pictorial marks in perceptible signs in the ensemble are principally invested with synchronic temporality. They remind us that the fortune of the universal man is the sum of individual fates

Denis Breaul