Upper Silesia, 2003     /black and white gelatin print/


…The trickles have stopped, the forges have died out, the sleeping smoke stacks are nothing but dead signals, the headlights are lost. Weed prevail on the long disused railways, in the broken down buildings, in the heart of messy factories, scrap heap and worn out concrete.
Silesia offers  her Cathedrals of industrial triumph as a museum of memory where iron and steel give meaning to silence. This mise-en-abîme of reality full of sins and energy,lofty, invites us to be as descreet as possible. As time goes by, the imprint appears suddenly from the heap, strong, powerful, huge. It reinforces matter in the landscape as a live show strangely made of abandon. This disorder made of  steel, ruined factories, imperfect fluff, buildings of another age , in which cheerful colours are dull , clame downfall of pollution, of abandon. The time of humanbeings has changed.

Jean-Paul Volle  (from the exibition catalog « Haute-Silésie, Temps des Energies »)