« Don’t cry, don’t laugh, only understand. »

    installation   (created with Krzysztof Szalek)
    February 3rd – 4th 1996,   « des séances » exhibition in CREDAC, Ivry sur Seine

[…] The presented audiovisual artistic intervention (3 slide projectors, painted light tubes, musical background) is a pursuit of an artistic approach common to the two artists, it is the consequence of their pictorial and photographic research. The starting point of this work is a phrase of Spinoza “Don’t cry, don’t laugh. Only understand.”. On one hand it is a warning about the contemporary reality and the omnipresence of mass media that exercise vigilance and permanent engagement. On the other hand it is a warning about unbridled liberty, liberal choice made without any guidance that involuntarily confines the clearness of our seeing and purity or our hearts. […] 


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