The aesthetic or documentary character of a photographic image is of secondary importance since it becomes a subject of a creative activity. Any “artistic” procedure, whether totally controlled or partially unconscious, introduces special characteristics to the relation between the work and the viewer and the work and its author.  

A photographic representation is an instrument and here its representative function is disturbed in the creative process by a multitude of interventions (such as the use of canvas or printed textiles, lightning, handling of a photosensitive emulsion, montage and association of elements).

Such complexity of construction revealed in this creative process makes the work stronger and more personal. The artist’s very individual and expressive gestures definitely extend the photographic idea beyond the traditional understanding of a single exposure registration.

That vision expressed in the work and any internal resonances that it possibly induces in the viewer are one of the aims of the work as such – that is to transmit and to arouse emotions.

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